Hofbräu Original Helles - Fourcorners Craft Beer

Hofbräu Original Helles

Hofbräu Original is luminous golden yellow with foamy white crown – you can already taste the refreshment: Slightly malty, full-bodied, mature and with an elegant finish.  It is a superbly well-balanced, refreshing lager.

Brewery Hofbräu München
Country of Origin Munich, Germany
Style Helles Lager
ABV 5.1%
Light barley malt, Munich malt
Herkules, Perle, Magnum, Select
IBU's  24
Food Pairings
sausage and cheese, salads, roast pork, pasta and steamed fish
Serving Temperature
6-7 °C
Vegan Yes
Container Bottle - 500ml
Case Size 20
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