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Hofbrau Dunkel 500ml Bottle

Hofbräu Dunkel


Hofbräu Dunkel is a Munich Dark Style Lager. You’ll notice a light, cream-coloured froth, which forms a nice contrast to the dark red-brown of the beer. Expect a full-bodied, well-rounded malt taste, which lingers on the palate.

Long before wheat beers and lagers wetted the throats of Germans, the bottom-fermented dark beer was quenching the thirst of Munich residents. Over the years, Hofbrau Dunkel has been the architype of this Munich specialty. The first beer which was served in the "Braune Hofbräuhaus" still satisfies to this day, with its full bodied, roasted, hoppy taste and the subtle malty finish which lingers on the palate.

Brewer Hofbräu Munich
Country of Origin Germany
Style Dunkel
ABV 5.5%
Container Bottle - 500ml
Case Size 20 Bottles
Marketing Materials Bottle Image

James from The Rampant Lion gave the Dunkel a review below: "Brown sugars ... obviously not a hoppy IPA ... a little caramel biscuit ... an awesome traditional German beer!"