fritz-limo orange - Fourcorners Craft Beer

fritz-limo orange

Our formula for a fruity orangeade: 10.5% orange juice, enriched with 1.5% mandarin juice and 5% lemon juice. 

  • fantastic taste
  • high fruit content
  • only natural flavours
  • vegan
  • glutenfree
    Country of Origin
    Hamburg, Germany
    Style Lime & Orange Soda
    Ingredients carbonated water, orange juice* (10.5%), sugar, lemon juice* (5%), mandarin juice* (1.5%), lemon and orange extract, natural orange flavouring, antioxidant: ascorbic acid, stabiliser: locust bean gum, colour: carotene, *from concentrate
    Energy per 100ml 172kJ (41kcal)
    Vegan Yes
    Container Bottle - 330ml
    Case Size 24
    Marketing Materials Bottle Image