Orange Velvet Tangerine Milkshake IPA - Fourcorners Craft Beer

Orange Velvet Tangerine Milkshake IPA

Yeah we had to try one... a Milkshake beer that is... in this case we mixed up an easy going sessionable IPA added some lactose to sweeten things up. We then put in a bit of tangerine and vanilla to create an orange-sickle like flavour. It's light and tasty and a tad different than your ordinary IPA.

Brewery Lervig
Country of Origin Stavanger, Norway
Style Milkshake IPA
ABV 5.5%
Malts Pale, Oats, Flaked Oats
Hops Citra, Simcoe, Amarillo
Additions Natural Tangerine Extract, Lactose, Vanilla
IBU's 45
Food Pairings
greasy burgers, beer battered French fries, nachos
Vegan No
Container Can - 330ml
Case Size 24 Pack
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