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Craigies Ballyhook Flyer

Ballyhook Flyer Cider is golden amber in colour with a nose of red apples, orange peel and caramel. It’s classified as a Breton-style, dry sparkling cider, despite being crafted with 100% Irish apples. Ballyhook’s refreshing traditional cider taste is due to the careful blending of no less than 3 apple varieties:

  • Dabinett is a cider apple that brings colour, aroma, body and tannin
  • Katy is an early ripening dessert apple which adds sweetness, aroma, and finesse
  • Jonagold is a dessert variety that adds refreshing, citrus-like flavours

On the palette this craft cider is dry, with both fruity and savoury flavours. The medium-body exhibits fine tannins and a long finish thanks to its natural refreshing acidity. Low carbonation allows the apple crispness to shine through. In the same way that wine doesn’t taste like grapes, this cider has a lot more on the taste buds than just apple. Slight seasonal variations will be noticed due to the characteristics of Irish apples in each vintage. Sugar is never added, and it’s gluten-free.

It pairs especially well with BBQ pork, confit of duck, roasted root vegetables, and fine cheeses such as Camembert styles. The taste is at its best when chilled to 4°C - 8°C, but never over ice! Ice will kill the flavour, and the melted ice will dilute the perfect balance and flavour. Just pop the bottle into the fridge an hour before drinking.

Roll on summer!

Producer Craigies
Country of Origin Carlow, Ireland
Style Medium Dry Sparkling Cider
ABV 5.8%
Apples Katy, Dabinett, Jonagold
Container Bottle - 500ml
Case Size 12 Bottles
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