The Burgeoning Market of Craft Cider

A Wider Market

Ireland has always had a strong taste for cider, and has enjoyed a widening of the cider market in the "Macro" level. But as with all things craft beer we are starting to see a few more options spring up in the last few years, both domestically and from abroad.

We ourselves offer Craigies, Johnny Fall Down, Killahora Orchards, Sxollie and Masion Sassy as dedicated cider brands. We also have brought in the new Fjordly Cider from Lervig to offer a wider variety of cider. In the craft sphere cider is treated closer to a wine. With aging used to produce more complex and intense flavours.

As I have previously said, Ireland has a strong history of not only producing cider, but drinking it. And I think that a move towards more complex apple flavourings is a good thing as people can see how diverse cider can be!

With that it brings me to my next announcement. We have got our hands on a few cases from...

Aeblerov Cidery

I am very excited about this. Aeblerov have been operating out of TO ØL City in Denmark, producing amazing craft ciders that I have had the pleasure of tasting.

The straddle the range from straightforward but delicious fruit and apple flavours to Beer-Cider Hybrids. We'll be showing off the full range of what we got on our social media channels early next week.

If you've been looking for another cider to add to your roster this might be exactly what you're looking for!

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