Sour Season 2022



Well folks, it's that time of year again. The weather has improved slightly and the sun is peaking out from behind those grey clouds. The first few of the hardcore sour drinkers have emerged bleary eyed from hibernation and started to call out for this year's weird and wonderful.

Thankfully, here at FourCorners we are always happy to oblige. With this week seeing the first big sour release of the season and a gradual resurgence in our core range of tangy brews.


Rye River: Kuhana Krushing it

The aforementioned release. Everything we have come to love in a sour, citrussy with just enough cherry to avoid an overly sharp beer. This brew is perfect for those slightly warmer and longer days. The name evokes the white sandy beaches of Hawai'i and while we might not have the soaring temperatures to match at least we have a beer that transports you there.

This is an extremely limited run as it is the top of the range from our friends at Rye River and will sell out quickly. Check with your local craft haunt and make sure you grab one of these before they go!


FourCorner's Own Sour Range


Here at FourCorners, we always like to carry a large range of every type of craft beer, with sours being no exception!

Lervig bring us Sour Suzy, Passion Tang, and Salted Rhubarb Vanilla Sour Cream Crumble. This trio cover a wide spectrum of tastes. 

Sour Suzy is a sour Berliner with the refreshing citrus zest that conjures images of a tall glass of lemonade.

Passion Tang is like biting into a ripe Passionfruit. Filled with tropical and fresh fruit flavour and a satisfying weight that can only be delivered by a 7% brew

Salted Rhubarb Vanilla Sour Cream Crumble. The name is a mouthful, which is fitting as this is a forkful of a rhubarb and custard pie (in a glass)  which I think is perfect as a step towards summer beer as it still has a lovely warmth to it while retaining the traditional sour tang.

Hallo Ich Bin Raspberry Berliner from Mikkeler. This is one of our most popular year-rounders, and a perfect introduction to Berliner-Weisses for those wanting to dip a toe into one of the lesser known corners of the craft world. Bursting with Raspberry, this beer indulges those with a sweet tooth while not straying so far away from a sour to be unapproachable


That's all for this week! Check back with us for News about releases and all things craft beer! 

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