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If you've ever walked into a craft beer off-licence in Ireland, you've probably noticed a good bit of space dedicated to breweries like Mikkeller, Lervig, To Øl, Einstök, and Stigerbegets. This little haven to Scandinavian craft beer has become a staple not only in Ireland, but the UK, US, and the rest of Europe. 

The reason for this shift towards the North of Europe is that These breweries and others in the region have been known for pushing the envelope when it comes to new trends, and perfecting old ones. The Haze Craze was adopted early by our friends up North and some of the most renowned beers in the last few years have come to us through them.

We're lucky enough in Ireland to be able to get beers from this cutting edge of craft beer, not only get them but get the latest releases while they're fresh. Craft beer as we're always told is best drank as fresh as possible. And we have a few of those new ones below!


Exciting news from Copenhagen! We have a larger format of all their best selling core beers. For the last few years we've seen a shift in Ireland from the 330ml to a 440ml, especially in core beers. As the price difference from the two sizes shrunk, people have no problem grabbing the bigger can.
Peter Pale and Mary, Visions, Burst, Evergreen, and Ich Bin Berliner have all found their way to a 440ml. These will be available very soon and are perfect for those who want just a bit more of their favourite Mikkellers!

Their core range in cans will have a Pale-Ale, IPA, Berliner and Lager. To cater to all types of craft drinker. We already know these are great beers as we've had them all in 330ml before. 


Founded in 2012 as the definition of a "micro" brewery, Stigbergets began to receive wide critical acclaim for their beers from 2016. This meteoric rise planted them at the forefront of the Scandinavian craft beer scene and placed them on every beer geek's wish list from then on. Since being imported into Ireland Stigbergets have been a huge success, despite the confusion of their  "West Coast" IPA (The West coast of Sweden faces the East coast of the States). We've got a fresh batch of releases from our Friends in Stigbergets, with the Package List below

Margeux, a tropical gose filled with Papaya, Orange and Raspberry. Perfect for the start of summer

Midnight Special, This is one for those Imperial stout lovers. Deep and rich, full of chocolate and hazelnut. Beer that proves that stout is a year rounder!

Swan's Coat, It's a West Coast revolution on our hands. A shift from the haze we've come to know from Stigbergets, they've proved that they can do both styles equally as well. The dank piney taste we love in a west coast balanced with a slight tropical flavour. This is one of the year's best beers and not one to miss out on!



We'll have all of these new releases listed up on the websites as soon as they're available, so check back to find out the in depth dive into each of these beers!

That's all for this week! Please check back at 12pm next Wednesday for the next edition of The Weekly Draught!


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