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Hi all, 

I know it's been a while since we did one of these, we've had an awfully busy few weeks here!

Now, onto the good stuff. 

If you've ever been to Germany, more specifically Hamburg. You may have noticed a odd looking bottle with two monochrome faces on it. Fritz-kola is a locally produced cola in the north of Germany. 
While I spent a few days in Berlin, failing to get into Berghain and sampling as many German brews as I could get my hands on. I would wake up with a bit of a sore head as you can imagine.

Fritz was a life saver, ice-cold from the fridge in the hostel. I can still picture the row of bottles and the feeling of taking my first sip. I'm no coffee drinker so the caffeine was certainly a plus to get me going as I went out to explore the city every day. 

When people think of cola, there is one name that looms large in the mind. A sickly sweet name that is. Fritz isn't like that, I'd almost go as far as saying a dry cola? I know the dilution of certain terms has been a sticking point in the craft beer world but I honestly can't think of a better way to describe it. Match that with a kick of caffeine and a decent amount of fizziness and you've got Fritz.
They don't just have one cola, we've got our hands on the Orange, Apple, Lemon, and Organic Rhubarb flavours, as well as the sugar free. (for all you Diet Coke lovers out there)

After Waxing lyrical about my adoration of the actual product. I suppose it wouldn't go amiss to discuss Frtitz as a whole. Other than making cola, they have committed themselves to be a sustainable company, as you can read here. They explain it better than I could, but an interesting note is that they use their crates to make benches as you can see below (and also popping up in Ireland soon.)

I don't know about you but as it looks like a warm summer ahead, I'll definetly be drinking a lot more Fritz (while I'm not at my craft beer haunts)
thanks, and see you next week!

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