Dipping into Spirits

Here at Fourcorners, we've always liked breweries that are at the cutting edge of what craft beer can do. The beers that push into the unknown and give us a reason to keep trying new things. It's what we think craft beer is about, new and exciting things that keep people coming back for the freshest take on a new brew. 

This is why, when we heard of EtOH spirits, we were eager to find out more.

Man Tasting Whiskey

Flash Aging Whiskey

As an Irish company, we are more than aware of how important Whiskey is here. Ireland has a long history of producing some of the best Whiskey in the world. A painstaking process of aging, carefully crafting the perfect blend etc. 
We've found a company who are doing things differently.

Flash aging is at the very pinnacle of the spirits world. And now it's coming to the world of Whiskey. A combination of Recirculation, Higher Temperature, Ultrasound, and a range of other high tech sounding words. Produces a whiskey that is more than just a novelty, it tastes delicious and indistinguishable from other styles of Whiskey I've tried.

If you want to read more about the process of making a Flash Aged Spirits you can have a read of this here. It's quite technical, but really interesting, about exactly how they release flavours from the wood using different techniques to speed up the process. 

Hafnium Bottle next to Cocktail

What's Coming To You 

After sampling a few, we decided on four of the EtOH range to try out in the Irish Market. These are going to be up on our social medias in the coming days. These four were chosen as they offered a look into the flavour profiles you can come to expect from EtOH but familiar enough that Whiskey purists won't be too shocked. The addition of Port, White Wine, and Brandy chips (from barrels) is akin to finishing barrels and, to me at least, gives the barrel character that people look for in a good Whiskey.

EtOH is both familiar and distinctly new and I'm very excited to see what people think of it. The science behind it has produced something truly unique that is an exciting step forward. This might just become the next bottle to add to your collection!

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