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This week I thought we'd have a spotlight on Third Barrel. They've been releasing some amazing beers in the last few months (to the despair of my bank account) And they've shown no signs of slowing down! It's a good time to be a craft beer drinker in South Dublin. The lovely folks over in Bluebell have allowed me to give you guys a bit of a sneak peak at what's coming.

Day Drinking Part Deux

First up, we have a rebrew with a twist of the delicious Day Drinkin. The first release we got our hands on was a real hit! An easy drinking session IPA is always a welcome sight in my fridge. So good they had to do it twice, this time is brewed with Citra and Strata. Fruity with Freshness that is sure to cut straight through the stuffy weather we've been experiencing the last few weeks.
Weighing in at a manageable 4% once again, this beer truly lives up to it's name!

Coming Through In Waves 

For all you fans of weighty, punchy, in your face Double IPAs fear not. This self-described "Hop Bomb" ticks all the boxes. Mosaic, Cryo Pop, Sabro and HBC 630 come together to provide a ginormous brew. Third Barrel have been slinging a few beers now with HBC 630 and I'm genuinely surprised this hop isn't everywhere. It adds a delicious undertone of fruits like Cherry and other sweet Fruits along with a hint of candied peach. A hop truly made for a summer drinker. 7.8% makes this dangerously drinkable for a Double IPA, with the fruit flavours coupled with the heat? One can of this is easily going to turn into 2 or 3!

Counter Culture

Boy oh boy, Good time to be a fan of the classics ain't it? My very, very first "Real" beer (tongue in cheek is very hard to convey through text) outside of the cheapest swill I could get my hands on as a student was a Rothaus Pils. I have and always will have a special place in my heart for Pilsners. Counter Culture shapes up to join those hallowed halls in my head (a coveted place to be, I assure you) German Saaz and American Lorien, old and new come together to provide me a must buy for the summer. 4.9% means its the light side of a proper pilsner ABV, I've certainly cleared a space in my fridge for this bad boy.



Counter Culture and Coming Through in Waves will be with you beer enjoyers before the end of July, with Day Drinkin Deux following swiftly behind.

Clear Your Fridge, Wash Your Glasses. They're coming to all reputable craft beer offies near you!

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