Sxollie Cripps Pink - Fourcorners Craft Beer

Sxollie: Cripps Pink Cider

SXOLLIE Cripps Pink cider is a harmonious balance of acidity and sweetness. With delicate floral undertones accompanied by solid structure from the tannins in the skin, we have crafted a cider that delivers a moreish feast for the palate.

Pairs beautifully with Asian food. Nothing but 3.3 Cripps Pink apples in every bottle. The apples are sourced from the cool orchards of Elgin in the Cape Town region and they are pressed with the fresh juice and fermented in stainless steel tanks.

Champagne yeasts are used to ensure an elegant flavour profile, before careful bottling and carbonation that delivers a delicate sparkle to the final product. The result? A light, easy-drinking, sessionable cider that captures the essence of the fruit.