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Larkins Helles Lager 440ml Can

Larkin's Helles Lager

Larkin's Brewing Co

A traditional German style Helles Lager, using traditional Bavarian lager yeast, continental Pilsner and Munich Malt with a light peppering if spicy, floral and herbal German noble hops. The aroma is lightly floral and herbal with a subtle compliment of bready, sweet malt. The taste is light straw with a stiff white rocky foam.

This Irish craft beer, made with Wicklow water, is a superb example of what Irish brewers are now capable of achieving. This beer proves how wonderful a lager can taste when hand crafted and slowly matured before packaging….the way traditional German lagers are brewed.

Brewery Larkins Brewing Co
Country of Origin Wicklow, Ireland
Style Helles - German Style Lager
ABV 5.0%
Malt Munich, Pilsner
Hops German noble hops
Container Can - 440ml
Case Size 24
Marketing Materials Can Image

A perfect beer for hot summer evenings, Simon at Real Ale Craft Beer reviews this Helles Lager below. "Crisp ... light ... biscuit malts ... and just the right amount of bitterness":