Hofbräu Weisse - Fourcorners Craft Beer

Hofbräu Weisse

Münchner Weisse is a top-fermented Weissbier with a beautiful yellow-gold colour. It’s topped by a dazzling white froth and has plenty of bubbles and fizziness. Made with German barley and wheat malts, it’s pure, refreshing enjoyment.

Hofbräu München
Country of Origin Munich, Germany
Style Weissbier
ABV 5.1%
Wheat malt, Light Barley malt, Munich malt
Herkules, Perle
IBU's 14
Food Pairings
white sausages, fish dishes, knuckles, poultry, asparagus and mild cheese
Serving Temperature
7-8 °C
Vegan  Yes
Container Bottle - 500ml
Case Size 20
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