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Gluten Free Dungarvan Comeragh Challenger - 500ml Bottle

Comeragh Challenger Pale Ale

Dungarvan Brewing Company

Dungarvan Comeragh Challenger is a traditional English style pale ale. It was first brewed in 2012 under the eye of master brewer Cormac O’Dwyer.

Historically, English bitters are brewed using the very hard water which is sourced at Burton-on-Trent, the home of English brewing. By good fortune, the hard water profile in West Waterford allows the traditional flavour of an English bitter style to be achieved in Ireland. In addition, this ale has been bitter hopped solely with Challenger hops, an English hop used in many traditional bitters. The name “Comeragh Challenger” is a nod to these fine hops, and a play on the 160km cycle circuit, the “Comeragh Challenge”, which is found in the local Comeragh mountains, an area of outstanding natural beauty.

A foamy white head sits on this copper / gold coloured craft beer. Aromas of citrus are noticeable from the lively carbonation. The malty flavour and floral hops make for a refreshing, delicate, understated ale.  And a hoppy bitterness on the backend completes this well balanced ale. For those who have spent any time in the UK and enjoyed a good old-school bitter, this will bring back memories.

At only 3.8%, this bottle conditioned beer is the perfect summer ale that goes down easy. And even better news for coeliacs: Comeragh Challenger is certified gluten-free. It’s best served at 10-12°C to release the full flavour, but of course you can drink it straight from the fridge on hot summer days!

Brewery Dungarvan Brewing Company
Country of Origin Waterford, Ireland
Style Gluten Free Session Pale Ale
IBU's 40
ABV 3.8%
Malts Pale, Crystal 
Hops Challenger
Container Bottle - 500ml
Case Size 12 Bottles
Marketing Materials Bottle Image