Whiplash Das Model Vienna Lager 440ml can

Das Model Vienna Lager

Das Model, a modern Vienna lager. What we love about the style is here in spades. Vienna Lagers are wonderful for their allowance of generous malt aroma, flavour, full body and balance. Das Model is no exception.

So our crack team of food scientists here at Whiplash devised a revolutionary idea to combat this – throw more hops at it. Das Model incorporates the Bruce Blend, a combination hop blend of our favourite New Zealand hops like Nelson, Motueka, Pacific Jade and Pacifica.

Fermented on our house lager yeast, WLP833, Das Model has undergone a good cold lagering for a pleasantly crisp finish that rounds out this stylish modern lager, bringing it back to session-ability among all that heft.

 Artwork by Izzy Rose Grange

Brewery Whiplash
Country of Origin Dublin, Ireland
Style Vienna Lager
ABV 4.8%
Malts Vienna Malt, Melonoidin, Carapils
Hops Bruce Blend
Vegan Yes
Container Can - 440ml
Case Size 24 Cans
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