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Brooklyn Lager

Brooklyn Lager

Brooklyn Brewery's award-winning Brooklyn Lager unites flavours of toffee, toast, and caramel with a dry-hopped aroma full of grapefruit, flowers, and pine. Whether it's in your favourite pint glass, a trusty bottle or versatile can, Brooklyn Lager is the beer for the job. If you're looking for the dry-hopped amber lager that changed the world, look no further. 

Highly versatile when pairing with food, including pizza, burgers, roasted chicken, omelettes, wings, sushi, and more.

Brewery Brooklyn Brewery
Country of Origin New York, USA
Style American Amber Lager
ABV 5.2%
Malts American 2-row, Munich, Crisp
Hops Ahtanum, Cascade, Saphir, Vanguard, Hallertauer Mittelfrueh
Vegan Yes
Container Bottle / Can - 330ml
Case Size 24 Pack