Whiplash Setting Sun Double IPA 440ml can

Setting Sun


For Setting Sun, Whiplash picked a couple of hops they’ve been having the most fun working with all year and made an auld brewer’s cut of hoppy soup. A grand cru of ‘joose’ if you will.

Usual grist players with the addition of Carapils this time that helps flesh out more body and support some of the top notes on the brighter additions here – this DIPA is all about the hops.

Whiplash just threw a touch of Vic Secret in the whirlpool at the last minute on this one before heading to the fermenter to rock away with their hoppy dance partner Vermont Ale yeast for the week before getting a double dose of Oregon grown El Dorado and Washington grown Citra and BRU-1 respectively.

This one’s pretty intense pineapples, watermelons, mangoes and pine on the nose and not much different on the flavour. It’s complemented by that soft fluffy light malt sweetness rubbing with intense and sweet hop oil finishing in light restrained bitterness and buckets of tropical fruit. Artwork by Sophie Devere

Brewery Whiplash
Country of Origin Dublin, Ireland
Style Double IPA
ABV 8.0%
Malts Maris Otter, Carapils, Oat Malt, Wheat Malt
Hops El Dorado, Citra, BRU-1, Vic Secret
Container Can - 440ml
Case Size 24 Cans
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