Garage New Kicks West Coast IPA 440ml can

New Kicks

Garage Beer Co

Modern West Coast IPA bringing some of the techniques we´ve learned from making Hazy IPA to bring a punchier aromas while retaining a satisfying dryness and bitterness. Pouring a pale yellow colour with a slight hop haze as a result of judicious amounts over dry hops layered over a stripped back grist of Extra Pale Malt, a touch of wheat and a hint of sweetness from caragold. An array of classic west coast IPA hops with the help of citra brings bright citrus notes such as grapefruit and orange interplay with pineapple and peach finishing with a sticky piney dankness.

Brewery Garage Beer Co
Country of Origin Barcelona, Spain
Style West Coast IPA
ABV 6.5%
Container Can - 440ml
Case Size 16 Cans
Marketing Materials Can Image