fritz-kola sugar free 200ml bottle

fritz-cola sugar free - 200ml


The slimline sister, this fritz-kola will also keep you wide awake. Sugar-free, but with a full dose of caffeine.

  • contains 25mg of caffeine/100ml
  • low in calories due to sugar-free recipe
  • vegan
  • contains caffeine
  • only natural flavours
  • gluten free
Country of Origin
Hamburg, Germany
Style Sugar-Free Cola Soft Drink
Ingredients carbonated water, colour: sulphite ammonia caramel, acidity regulators: phosphoric acid and citric acid, sweeteners: sodium cyclamate, acesulfame potassium and aspartame*, caffeine, natural flavourings, *contains a source of phenylalanine
Energy per 100ml  <4kJ (<1kcal)
Vegan Yes
Container Bottle - 200ml
Case Size 24
Marketing Materials Bottle Image