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DOT Brew American Stout - 500ml Bottle

American Stout

DOT Brew

DOT Brew has created an opulent, smooth chocolate stout with silky coffee bitter hues. This American Stout has perfect balance. The superb combination of new world hops releases an aroma of citrus and zesty lemon. For those who like a full, deep mouthfeel, this is a stout that delivers, and then some!

The ABV of 5.9% is disguised by its easy drinkability. But it’s a huge step forward from the lightness of mass produced stouts. The magnificently complex taste delivers hit after hit as this stout moves along the palette. If you want to know what real stout tastes like, then grab yourself this outstanding offering from the team at Dublin’s DOT Brew.

Brewery DOT Brew
Country of Origin Dublin, Ireland
Style American Stout
ABV 5.9%
Container Bottle - 500ml
Case Size 12
Marketing Materials Bottle Image