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DOT Brew Amber Ale 500ml bottle

Amber Ale

DOT Brew

DOT Brew has crafted a dark brown ale with great balance. The aroma is of tropical fruits, with a hint of caramel and biscuit and floral undertones. The medium carbonation has great mouthfeel with a malty, dry hop finish. There's almost a piney flavour to Amber Ale.

It's great to see a Dublin brewery produce such a fine craft ale in a city with such a rich brewing history. At 4.5%, Amber Ale has become a real favourite for those seeking a new beer flavour, but who don't want the full strength IPA's with high ABV's. A perfect beer to accompany a mid-week meal. This is what Irish craft ales are all about. 

Brewery DOT Brew
Country of Origin Dublin, Ireland
Style Amber Ale
ABV 4.5%
Container Bottle - 500ml
Case Size 12
Marketing Materials Bottle Image