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Straffe Hendrik Tripel - 330ml Bottle

Straffe Hendrik Tripel is the last authentic Tripel Ale of Bruges.

In 1981, Henri Maes and his daughter Véronique followed the demand of the mayor and created a strong blond beer for the inauguration of the statue of Sint-Arnoldus, the saint of all beer-brewers. However, the beer became so popular, that the demand for the beer continued. It was given the name of Straffe Hendrik (Strong Hendrick), since it was a rich and strong beer.

Straffe Hendrik Tripel is a golden in colour with a sturdy white collar. The aroma is spicy with hints of black pepper, coriander and ginger, and is even insinuating the presence of oranges. The beer is brewed with a selection of Saaz and Styrian hops of a very high quality. The subtle blend of six special varieties of malt gives the beer a well-balanced and powerful taste.

Brewery De Halve Maan
Country of Origin Brugge, Belgium
Style Tripel Ale
ABV 9.0%
Hops Saaz, Styrian hops
IBU's 35
Food Pairings
zesty fish plates, desserts based on pineapple or mango, 
camembert or Brugse Blomme
Serving Temperature
Vegan Yes
Container Bottle - 330ml
Case Size 24
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