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Bottle of Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel Belgian Ale

Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel Ale

De Halve Maan Brewery

Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel is a rich beer of high fermentation. It is brewed using a subtle mixture of special malts, giving the beer an extremely dark colour and a complex, full malt character. This quadruple combines a pure dryness with a rich fullness, and is flavoured with just a hint of fruit. The continuing process of re-fermentation in the bottle means the beer can be stored over a number of years with an ever changing and ever improving taste.

Brewer De Halve Maan Brewery
Country of Origin Brugge, Belgium
Style Quadrupel Ale
ABV 11.0%
Container Bottle - 330ml
Case Size 24
Marketing Materials Bottle Image

We thought we'd listen to what the Canadians think of this big beer ... "tanins, figs, molasses, chocolate, malty ... warm on the back-end". Everything you'd expect from a great Belgium quad: