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Brooklyn Lager 355ml Can
12 Pack of Brooklyn Lager 355ml Cans

Brooklyn Lager - Can

Brooklyn Brewery

Before prohibition, Brooklyn, New York was the place where great beer was brewed. That craftsmanship and pre-prohibition recipe has now returned!

This clear, amber-gold Viennese style lager has won multiple awards since its rebirth in 1988. Three different malts have been used in the brewing to give it a firm malty base and a near caramel finish. Following an old English technique, the beer has been steeped with fresh hops during an extended, cold maturation process – known as “dry hoping.” This releases a fruity, floral hoppy aroma, with just the right amount of bitterness. Some noses might catch a hint of lemongrass, roast, and biscuit. The frothy, white head produces a slight lacing.

Even though this is a lager, it presents slight IPA notes from the well balanced hop combination. Smooth, refreshing and with good carbonation, this medium-bodied Vienna lager from Brooklyn has a crisp taste and a clean mouthfeel. It certainly has more bite than mass produced lagers.

A superb beer for summer evenings, grab a Brooklyn Lager and re-discover just how great and flavoursome real American lager can be!

Brewery Brooklyn Lager
Country of Origin USA
Style Lager
ABV 5.2%
Malts American 2-row, Munich, Crisp
Hops Ahtanum, Cascade, Saphir, Vanguard, Hallertauer Mittelfrueh
Container Can - 355ml
Case Size 24 Pack (2*12-Pack)
Marketing Materials Can Image