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Drink'in the Sun Non Alcoholic Wheat Ale- Bottle

This beer is so fresh and tasty, we recommend you take it for a DRIVE! Besides the usual ingredients, we added real sunshine.

A long complaint around non-alcoholic beers is that they do not taste like…beer! So Mikkeller decided to do something about it and came up with this now classic non-alcoholic beer. A classic since 2009, Drink’in The Sun is by far the most popular of Mikkeller’s Non ABV beers. It’s a delicious, pale, American-style wheat ale. Light gold in colour with vibrant citrus and tropical fruit on the nose, it has a satisfying mouthfeel with a hoppy, lively character. And at just 0.3%, it is proving an absolute favourite for people looking for all the beer taste without the alcohol.

Brewery Mikkeller
Country of Origin Denmark
Style Non-Alcoholic American Wheat Ale
ABV 0.3%
Container Bottle - 330ml
Case Size 24
Marketing Materials Bottle Image

Let's see what Simon at Real Ale Craft Beer thinks of an almost zero % beer. He couldn't possibly like it ... could he?