To Øl Mr. Series 2018 Ireland Launch

Featuring To Øl’s Emil in The UnderDog Pub

Join us in Underdog Saturday 24 February as we tap up the new, 2018 edition To Øl Mr. Series and welcome our pal Emil from this legendary Danish brewery. The Mr. Series 2018 edition is a 360 degree show-wheel of the most potent, playful and powerful recipes To Øl have ever done. And considering it’s To Øl - powerhouse brewing legends known for their experimental beers prowess - we’re expecting some incredible beers!

The Mr. Series takes it’s beer names from Quentin Tarantino’s film Reservoir Dogs, and the colours in the names then inspired the ingredients in the beers. This year’s series is entirely different from the 2017 Mr. Series, and they are exclusively available on draught in Underdog. So come, drink some wild beers, and have a good chin wag with To Øl’s Sales Manager Emil Jakobsen.

Hope to see you there!!

Draught list (pouring from 6pm):

Mr Blue

9.0% Imperial Berliner-Weisse brewed with Blackberries, Aronia, Acai & Blackcurrant. Sour-Mashed, Handsome, Balanced, Aromatic, Blue.

Mr Pink

6.0% East-Coast IPA brewed with West-Coast Beetroot. Pink Beet IPA

Mr Blonde

4.5% Gose- brewed with Vanilla, Peach & Raspberry. That’s short for Peach-Melba.

Mr Brown

10.0% Coffee stout matured with Cognac Oak Chips & Cedar Spirals. Rich, Brown, Medium-Strong.

Mr Orange

9.0% Sour-Mashed Citra IPA brewed with Papaya, Mango, Apricot and Orange & Lemon Zest. Light malt profile leaving plenty of space for the hops and fruit.

Mr White

5.0% New-England Style Grisette brewed with White Grapefruit and a solid amount of Wheat.

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