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It’s been a few months since Stone Brewing first landed in Ireland, and we hope you have all enjoyed familiarising yourselves with this legendary American brewery’s bold, hop-forward beers.

Sourcing the beer fresh from Stone Brewing Berlin has meant that these IPAs have the best chance of reaching you with their fragile hop flavour and aroma intact. We at Fourcorners see it as our duty to brewery, beer and drinker to do our best at ensuring such quality and freshness along the supply chain. We hope it shows.

Yet as the weather turns, and we find ourselves reaching for darker, more warming brews, we thought it was time to bring in some special beers from the West—ones well suited to withstand the long journey from California.

Over the next few months, we will be releasing several new beers from Stone Brewing Escondido. All Stone Special Releases will be available in very (very) limited quantity, and many will be in larger format bottles: 650ml or 750ml. Perfect for sharing.

The first three releases are hitting shelves this week, and we couldn’t be more excited. Descriptions of each from the brewery are available below: Americano Stout, Matt’s Burning Rosids, and Bastard’s Midnight Brunch. Keep your eyes peeled for these special bottles, and stay tuned for new releases.

Feel free to contact marketing@fourcorners.ie if you would like assistance finding your nearest stockist.



Style: Double Bastard Ale aged in Bourbon Barrels & Maple Syrup Barrels

ABV: 12.7%

Evenings trying to forget the crushing mediocrity of one’s life are typically the main driver to late-night breakfast plates at unforgivingly overlit diners stacked with industrialized, frozen “food.” An interlude between sophomoric late-night antics, questionable decisions and inevitable morning regret. That’s not how I play it. For those who know how to grab life by the horns, this bottle conveys accomplishment, life lived out loud, and well-timed moves that often appear as luck to those not paying attention. A specifically designed midnight brunch feast with like-minded folks who not only have their wits about them but actually have wits, and an artfully prepared feast sets the more appropriate stage for this beer. The bottle is worth a special occasion. Ages well.



Style: Imperial Stout

ABV: 8.7%

The coffee notes in Stone Americano Stout are bold, rich and full of American swagger. We incorporated over 250 lbs. of artisanal espresso beans into the mash and added in Columbus, Chinook, Amarillo and Cascade hops to invigorate the coffee taste with a slight citrus and resin hop presence. When it came to selecting our coffee, we chose the same local roasters who contributed to our sought-after 2013 Stone ESPRESSO Imperial Russian Stout. Their fantastic beans helped us achieve this dark, hoppy and wonderfully aromatic espresso stout. Watch the video.



Style: Imperial Cherry Wood Smoked Saison

ABV: 10%

Life is extraordinarily precious, joyous…and fragile. In 2013, we suffered the tragic loss of our dear friend and coworker, Matt Courtright. We felt there was no finer way to honour his memory than to brew one of his most recent and special beer recipes. He crafted the beer you hold in your hands, a Belgian-style saison he conceived with his Stone friend and compatriot, Brian Bishop. Infused with cherrywood-smoked malt, the beer was dubbed Burning Rosids, referencing the rosid plant family from which cherry trees hail.

Rather than regarding Burning Rosids as a somber memento, please think of it as a celebration of Matt, just as we do. When you drink this very special beer, please join us in raising your glass, both in Matt’s memory and in tribute to everything he so passionately stood for: caring for others, passion and skill for his art, and laughter…lots of laughter. Among the long list of things he held dear were GoDesignInc.org, a charity committed to fulfilling the architectural needs of developing communities around the world; and TKF, a nonprofit working to stop youth violence by educating, mentoring and making positive impacts on high-risk communities. We are proudly contributing funds earned through the sale of this beer to these worthy organizations in Matt’s honor.

Enjoy, and please remember that life and those we hold dear are precious gifts to be cherished every day. Consider sharing this beer, conversation on life’s passions and, again, lots of laughter, with good friends as we remember ours. Watch the video.

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