Fourcorners and Gipsy Hill

We are delighted to confirm, that Fourcorners have agreed to distribute Gipsy Hill Brewing in Ireland on a permanent basis. After featuring some of their beers as part of our Guest brewery program and seeing their passion and core values in action, we were more than happy to distribute on their behalf on a permanent basis. This coincides with the reveal of Gipsy Hills’ new brand identity, “Brewing A Better Life” and the launch of their new core range of beers which we will now distribute in addition to their ongoing specials program. The core range features many styles including NEIPA, Pale Ale, Helles Lager, Gluten Free Pale Ale and Micro IPA!

Each can features a staff member on the design to re-iterate their community spirit.



So, who are Gipsy Hill? Gipsy Hill Brewing takes its name from area of south London in which they are located, Gipsy Hill.

Founded in 2013, they have built a big reputation for their beers, particularly their Kettle Sours which they are acknowledged specialists. But they brew so much more than sours! The brewery has grown steadily since 2014, when they had 3 employees and brewed just 500HL of beer. By 2019 they have risen to over 20 employees and are set to brew in excess of 12,000HL and opened a tap room for visitors and community to enjoy their beers on site. In 2019 Gipsy Hill also refocused and refined what they are about. From January 2018 to September 2019 Gipsy Hill had brewed over an incredible 80 “one off” beers. But they also wanted to brew go to beers in keeping with the core values of the brewery and what they are passionate about – Quality, Innovation, Community. They refreshed their brand identity to “Brewing a better life”. The refresh also presented an opportunity to create a new core range so some of their beers would be permanently available. They now have wonderful range of more-ish always available core beers to go along with their constantly innovative specials program. A

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