Craft Brewers 2019 - The Resurgence of Good Beer

Ballast Point - Sculpin Can of Craft Beer

The last few years have seen a proliferation of brands hit the market in Ireland some great, some not so great. But all adding to the appeal of “craft beer”. The level of innovation has continued to be amazing. The constant changing trends in popular beer styles is intriguing. One of the most common questions we get is, what is going to be big this year? “ I think craft beer can only be compared to the Fashion industry in terms of constantly changing trends and new product innovation. Can you point out many food or beverage industries that churn out 60 to 80 new products every month in Ireland alone! Plus, a brand new eye catching label design for every single new beer!


In 2019 we see a continued growth in canned products for innovative styles and beers that lean heavily on freshness as an attribute. IPA and variations of it continue to be the most popular style in the Irish market, and I'm expecting a variation of IPA will be the big trend in 2019.


Fortunately, our portfolio contains some of the best IPA brewers in the world.  With major international brands like Stone, Lervig, and Ballast Point brewing amazing American style IPAs, plus Irish craft brewers such as Whiplash, Larkin's, and O Brother banging out rock star IPA’s, we've got your IPA needs covered!


Super premium specials are also on the rise. Barrel aged beers, special sours plus the aforementioned variations of IPA such as Hazy and Superfresh super hoppy NEIPA continue to increaseLager specials are also enjoying some success. The much derided regular lager is a hard nut to crack, but Irish brewer Larkin's contributed nicely to advancing other less well known lager styles such as Doppelbock and Baltic Porter in the last year. Look out for more of that!


Sours…yes, continued  growth , but only for better quality varieties.


Watching where growth came from in the latter end of 2018, it certainly points to the cream rising to top. Consumers are starting to get a handle on better quality beer and are leaning that way more and more. This is sure to continue in 2019 which points to a brighter future for quality focused brewers and cider makers. We have 16 of them in our portfolio for you this year. Just check out the Untapped and Ratebeer ratings for our portfolio of breweries and their beers!


Keep up to date on new and old favourite beers available via Fourcorners in 2019 via our social media feeds and this website!

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