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I will try my best not to mention ‘that’ word that begins with C and sort of sounds like livid. Everyone is sick of it and we see enough reminders of it every single day. Livid is quite an apt term considering it is an emotion I am sure we have all felt at some point over the last 18 months at least once or twice.

At the end of March 2020, all pubs, bars and restaurants closed their doors with no idea of when they would be reopening again. Many of us figured they would be back in business by June! We all know what has gone on since then, so I needn’t remind you of that. The on-trade and hospitality industry took a devastating hit which is still being felt today. On the flipside of that coin, the off-trade was never been so busy which naturally affected us significantly.

I would rather not expand much on that, other than to acknowledge we were fortunate because of the off-trade bounce. That isn’t fair on all the smaller independent retailers, hospitality industry and other suppliers around the country that had to close. Though having to destroy hundreds of kegs of perfectly good beer, which we had voluntarily taken back from closed pubs, was akin to literally pouring many, many thousands of Euros down the drain. 

The flipside to the rush to off-trade was so many consumers that previously would not have consumed craft, had their eyes opened to craft, and many new brewery ranges and new styles of craft beers. We had planned launches of new core ranges from a number of breweries in March and April 2020 before the pandemic almost killed those off. And many of our exciting new beers became the go to beer for 1000’s of consumers.

 With the consumption of beer mainly taking place from home throughout the extended periods of restrictions, the craft beer scene went on an upward trajectory. Consumers welcomed options and embraced choice. They began to move away from the more mainstream selection of what was on offer. Now as pubs, bars and restaurants finally re-open their doors and welcome back customers after so many, many months, a lot of those customers are looking for an option and a choice of what they were consuming at home for many of the previous 12 or 18 months.  Now is the time to entice them back to pubs and bars and restaurants by offering those choices.

Our portfolio is ever growing… new products, new breweries. We pride ourselves on this vast selection that we have to offer, and we hope to add a lot more in the coming months.


         Garage Beer Co. – Barcelona, Spain


Garage Beer Co. are one of our more recent breweries we have added to our portfolio within the last 18 months. We stock some of their great products and they have a couple of great bars in Barcelona we highly recommend checking out if you ever find yourself over there.


        Cloudwater Brew Co. – Manchester, UK

Cloudwater Brew Co. are a relatively young brewery in Manchester who have made quite a splash in the UK market. They are the latest addition to our portfolio. Keep an eye on our social media channels for more information on them. They are doing big things!

These are two great additions to the vast selection that we have on offer for our customers. Please reach out to us on our social media channels if you want to know where you can pick these up for yourself. The industry itself is ever evolving with new products, new collabs and so on.

For 2022 and beyond the on-trade sales will be a key target market of ours. As we all know, the hospitality sector pretty much completely closed again at the start of 2021. It is hard to gain any sort of momentum if this opening and closing continues especially when we are trying to get new products out into the market. Fingers and toes crossed, the yo-yoing of hospitality opening and closing, will finally be a thing of the past so normal service can resume in that sector. In other words, in an undisrupted industry we aim to keep kicking on and keep growing.

The next time you are out have a look around and see what other people are having to drink. As soon as it is allowed go up to the bar, you should have a look at what is on display in the fridges or have a look for any craft selection on draught.


         The Big Romance Beer Menu – Dublin, Ireland

 We operate only business to business but that doesn’t mean we can’t engage with potential customers and inform them where our products are going to be on sale through our social platforms. This is both beneficial to our own brand and helps our clients, so again, we encourage interaction through these platforms.

Expect to see Fourcorners far more prominent on our social media channels in the new year. Onwards and upwards in 2022! We expect it to be our biggest year yet!


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