Craft Beer for Events


The craft beer revolution has arrived, and it’s not just limited to sampling in pubs and restaurants. More and more people are hosting beer parties with friends and making the most of tasting gourmet beers in good company. Here are a few handy tips on planning your own beer-themed gathering.

Know your Beers.

When you’re hosting a beer party, being familiar with the beers is pretty much essential. Spend some time learning about the different beers and breweries . While you shouldn’t feel the need to deliver a lecture to your guests, you should be able to answer simple questions about the beer you’re serving, including where it’s made, what type of beer it is and what it tastes like. And of course, before you buy in, sample the beers yourself!

Pairing with Food.

As with wine, pairing great beer with appropriate dishes can bring out the best qualities of both, so invest a little thought into what you’ll serve. It doesn’t have to be a sit-down meal - even lighter bites with a bit of flavour would be appropriate. Check out our short guide to pairing beer and food for a few useful ideas.

Joining in.

‘BYOB’ is a fair policy for parties these days, and your friends may be able to dig up some surprisingly tasty beers. It’s a great way to try to try new beers that your friends have discovered. Some may go for the mass-produced, big-name brands, but hopefully you’ll encourage your mates to enjoy beautiful new kinds of craft beer.

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