Calling all Nine to Five Wizards

Calling all Nine to Five Wizards

BrewDog Small-Batch Beer Launch

This afternoon, BrewDog are unveiling their latest small-batch beer in BrewDog bars all across the UK. Nine to Five Wizard is a 7.5% German-style wheat beer with a bitter American edge, named in honour of those labouring under the Man at their nine to five jobs. To mark the occasion, they’re asking these slaves to the traditional work week to go on the mitch and get a free 2/3 glass of the German Weissebier/Double IPA in their nearest BrewDog bar. Result!

Fresh kegs of Nine to Five Wizard are currently en route to Dublin, and–lest we miss out on the fun—we’ll be bringing the launch festivities to Ireland with bars participating in Dublin, Cork, and Galway. Escape the shackles of work a wee bit early on Friday 1 September from 4:30pm-5:30pm, and Caribou, Galway, Bierhaus Cork, and UnderDog Dublin will honour your trickery with a FREE Nine to Five Wizard t-shirt. See you then!

More information on Nine to Five Wizard can be found on BrewDog’s blog.

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