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Wicklow Wolf was founded in 2014 by Quincey Fennelly and Simon Lynch - two radical fermentationalists, driven by a passion to create high quality craft beer and to build an Irish craft beer brand. Simon is a horticulturist by profession and grows hops on their own 10 acre hop farm in Roundwood. Quincey is an avid home-brewer with a background in the drinks business. Brewer Peter Reynier was recruited all the way from Colorado.

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The group takes pride in their Wicklow roots, and explain their name as such: Wicklow, because that’s where we opened our brewhouse in Bray. Wolf, because tradition has it that the last one in Ireland lived around here, and because the hops that we plant on our own hop farm takes its name – Humulus Lupulus – from that wild and proud creature too. Craft beer, because if it’s made better it tastes better.