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Wicklow, because that’s where we opened our brewhouse in Bray. Wolf, because tradition has it that the last one in Ireland lived around here, and because the hops that we plant on our own hop farm takes its name – Humulus Lupulus – from that wild and proud creature too. Craft beer, because if it’s made better it tastes better. We love craft beer, and our passion shows in every pint. We hope you’ll love it too.

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Our beers are handcrafted 1500L at a time. We use the finest grains, hops and yeast varieties from Ireland, UK, Europe, and beyond. Our unfiltered beers are full of character, flavour, and inspiration. We will never rest with just a few ‘standard’ brews. We will be brewing up our favorite beer styles from the US, Germany, Belgium, UK, and take inspiration from unique ideas from all across the world. So grab a beer and join us for the ride, its gonna be tasty!!