Sunshine Underground

Sunshine Undergroun

  • Can

LIMITED A super refreshing, zesty and sweet ‘Lemon Smoothie Pale Ale’. Sunshine Under Ground focuses on Pilsner, Raw Wheat, Oats and sweet, sweet Lactose for its base before getting an addition of Cascade, Lemondrop and natural lemon zests in the whirlpool. Fermented on our house English Ale Yeast, it’s then ‘double dry-zested’ (DDZ?) using more and more of those beautiful lemon zests building and building to 10g/L of zesty fucking madness.

The result is a nose somewhere between a freshly zested lemon or a lemon meringue pie crossed with the beeriest lemon Radler you’ve ever laid your nose and lips upon. A round silky body with hints of a grainy texture from the raw wheat finishing gloriously smooth and lightly creamy sweet with a final reminder of beautiful fruit zests and oils.

Style: Lemon Smoothie Pale Ale

Malt: Pilsner, Raw Wheat, Oats

Hops: Cascade, Lemon drop

ABV: 5.4%