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LIMITED The newest in our Uniqcan Series, Hanscraft & Co. / Stone Quince-Essential Hazy Ale, is a super-duper-epic-hazy ale brewed with quince fruit that obliterates standards of the Reinheitsgebot and takes juicy to the next level. Thomas Tyrell (Stone Brewing – Berlin’s German Brewmaster who was the first to successfully register a beer in Germany that doesn’t adhere to the Reinheitsgebot) and Christian Hans Müller (Franconia’s revolutionary craft brewer who has been kicking out amazingly dank German IPA’s since founding Hanscraft & Co.’s in 2012) collaborated on this special-edition NEIPA-inspired ale that takes the haze craze to new heights with the apple-pear-citrus flavour of the oft-ignored quince fruit. Like a smoothie in a can, this creamy ale has a distinct and complex hop profile balanced by exquisite (exquince-ite?) fruit tanginess.

Style: Hazy Ale

ABV: 6.3%

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