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Dungarvan Brewing Company is one of the first independent craft breweries born in the recent resurgence of craft brewing in Ireland. It was launched in April 2010 by brothers-in-law Cormac O’Dwyer and Tom Dalton along with their wives Jen and Claire. The goal? To offer the Irish beer drinker a greater choice of craft beer. After much research and personal input by the four founders, the philosophy of the brewery was developed to be one of purity, with an emphasis on quality, craft and tradition.

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Dungarvan keep the beer in its purest form by bottle-conditioning it. It isn’t filtered, isn’t pasteurised and it’s naturally carbonated so there is minimum interference between raw ingredients and finished product. They always start with the best quality ingredients, such as full-leaf hop cones, Maris Otter malt and the limestone rich water of West Waterford.

Head brewer Cormac O’Dwyer strives for quality and consistency across every stage of the brew, working hard to ensure that each bottle meets his high standards. All the beers are craft brewed in small batches, and may vary slightly by batch due to its artisan nature.