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Craft brewing is not the exclusive preserve of recently formed breweries. Set in the Allgäu region, Hirsch has been family owned and operated for over 350 years. The approach is based on cultivating traditional brewing methods to produce beers with flavourful, distinctive characters. Hirsch’s Bavarian beer specialities are unique in the market, whilst still reflecting their homeland’s local customs and history. Their mission statement - ‘Quality not quantity, character not uniformity’ - pretty much sums up the philosophy of craft beer in general.

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The brewery was founded in 1657, but was bought by Anton Josef Höss in 1859 and has remained in the Höss family ever since. Much of the brewery was destroyed in a bombing raid during 1945 so the Höss family had to rebuild. A fresh modernisation in 2006 keeps it at the forefront of modern brewing technology.

The brewery uses a traditional brewing process to bring superb quality and consistency to its range of beers. But by constant innovation and experimentation, it can constantly improve and enhance the quality and flavour of its beer.