West Side Beavo

West Side Beavo

  • Can

SOLD OUT West Side Beavo is a one-off collaboration by brewmasters Logan Plant and Matt Brynildson, inspired by a friendship forged at the Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Fest. “Logan has been to the fest several times, and we’ve been talking about doing a collaboration for a few years now,” said Brynildson, Firestone Walker’s brewmaster. “We’ve both been itching to do our own IPLs, so we thought it would be a perfect style to explore together.” West Side Beavo was fittingly brewed with hops from the Pacific Northwest and the United Kingdom, most notably Jester. The result is an IPL, a beer that speaks to both breweries’ penchant for brewing hoppy beers with complexity and balance. The name ‘Beavo’ is a nod to both Beavertown and Firestone Walker’s signature Pilsner called ‘Pivo’, and the ‘West Side’ refers to Firestone’s brewhouses in Venice and Pasa Roblas, California where the beer was brewed.

Style: India Pale Lager

IBU’s: 17

ABV: 6.5%

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