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Introducing the newest addition to Beavertown’s meticulous core lineup, Lupuloid IPA. It is our first straight up IPA, no funny business, just malt, yeast, water and hops. Lots of hops. It’s a culmination of “The Invasion Of The Lupuloids,” a series of beers accompanied by a list of every technical detail you could want and more. As feedback came in we tweaked recipes and plotted new brews, releasing another wave with the same info available. After 10 IPAs, that were tweaked and adapted with the feedback we received, we were able to bring you the LUPULOID.

Style: IPA

Malts: Golden Promise, Extra Pale, Wheat, Flaked Oats, Acidulated

Hops: Citra, Mosaic, Equinox

ABV: 6.7%

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